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What is a bed wetting alarm?

One of the solutions to bed wetting that we recommend at our clinic in Melbourne is the bed wetting alarm.

A bedwetting alarm:

  • Comes with a pad and chargeable alarm unit
  • The pad is positioned in your child’s bed and throughout the night it will alarm when wet (urine is detected) – waking your child
  • These alarms are safe and effective with proven results
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Bed Wetting Alarms Melbourne

Why Choose Happy Dry Nights

Happy Dry Nights prides itself on supporting you and your child, on their journey to dry nights. Not only are you supported with a dedicated program assistant, but you also get direct access to a specialised paediatrician, who highly recommends this use of a bedwetting alarm program. Happy Dry Nights aims to provides a seamless journey for freeing your child and family from bedwetting nights. Read More

Why Choose us:

Meet the Expert: Dr. Raj Khillan

‘’The end of bedwetting means a happy child, less laundry, less frustration, and the end of embarrassment. The Happy Dry Nights program ensures children and teenagers enjoy the freedom of camps and sleepovers and assists in the regaining of self-confidence through accessing our family friendly Happy Dry Nights program’’

Dr Raj Khillan (Paediatrician)
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Dr. Raj Khillan
First payment $150
includes first week hire,
free delivery.
Return P & H Weekly
hire as required $60
Bed Wetting Alarms Werribee

How To Help Your Child

There are often levels of embarrassment or frustration from both the bedwetting child and household occupants. But there are crucial steps in helping your bedwetting child to become wet-free. Happy Dry Nights aims to nurture this sensitive condition.

We encourage you to:

  • Have a conversation with your child and gauge how they are feeling
  • Not to embarrass or punish your child when they have wet the bed

How to Start & Hire

Upon contact the Happy Dry Nights assistant will provide you with eligibility criteria questions, to ensure Happy Dry Nights is best suited to your child’s needs. This is a free 15minute, obligation free consultation. Concluding the consultation the Happy Dry Nights assistant will guide you on your next steps Read More

Bed Wetting Alarm Hire Melbourne

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