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Bed Wetting Solution Australia

Bed wetting is a common problem among children and can be treated quickly with early intervention. At Happy Dry Nights, we help with effective bed wetting solutions in Australia to give your child a dry night and a happy sleep.

Bedwetting Treatment Program

To help deal with bed wetting, specialists use a number of treatment methods. However, the child and family members also need to be equally committed to the program. Here are some helpful tips and methods for bed wetting solutions:

Home Care

While there are a number of bed wetting solutions to help with your child’s bedwetting, certain routines can help with daytime wetting even without resorting to other treatments:

  • Encourage the child to use the bathroom as often as possible when they have an urge. (Doing so will ensure that they do not control or stifle their urge, resulting in wetting)
  • Try increasing their intake of liquids.

Consuming more liquid will require more frequent bathroom trips. This will develop a habit in the child of visiting the toilet often. It is also vital to make them drink liquids more during the day rather than before their bedtime.

  • Reduce or avoid their intake of sports drinks.

Sports drinks, caffeine or other such liquids can irritate the bladder or even lead to more than the usual urine produced.

  • Ensure that your child takes the time to empty their bladder completely every time they use the bathroom.

Not emptying the bladder completely can cause children to wet themselves without realising when their bladder has not been completely emptied previously.

  • Provide emotional support to your child

If your child wets the bed, make sure you emphasise that bedwetting is common and can be outgrown. The emotional support you provide can be the motivation they need to find ways to deal with the situation without feeling guilty or ashamed.

Bed Wetting Alarms and Pads

At Happy Dry Nights, we assist parents and children with a comprehensive bed wetting program that involves a bed wetting alarm and pad for toilet training children with guidance and assistance.

The bed wetting alarm and pad alerts the child at the first sign of moisture. In general the bed alarm and pad program may take up to 6-8 weeks for success. However, each situation is different and the time needed could be less or more under the advice and guidance of a paediatrician.


There are some medications available to assist bed wetting issues. However, these are often only short-term solutions. It is always best to consult with a health professional before trying a medication pathway on its own. Some medications that slow down the production of urine can be used alongside a bed wetting alarm and pad system.

If your child has begun wetting the bed or has been wetting the bed for a while, you can get in touch with Happy Dry Nights for assistance. We also have our own paediatrician to help with the bed wetting treatment and therapy.