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Bedwetting & Developmental Delay

As children grow up, they cross certain milestones that are common for their age. Developmental delay, on the other hand, is a delay in reaching said milestones at the given age. Children with developmental delay take longer to reach these milestones compared to other children their age. These milestones include learning to move, knowing how to communicate, and their ability to comprehend among others.

Gaining control over their bladder or identifying when their bladder is full is yet another milestone that children often reach by age 5. Bed wetting and developmental delay are closely associated wherein developmental delay can severely affect a child’s bedwetting habits by prolonging it for much longer. Studies showed that more children born premature showed signs of bedwetting and lack of motor skills. Bedwetting past a certain age may indicate that a child’s central nervous system may yet be underdeveloped.

With control over the bladder being a vital milestone, parents tend to be concerned and may feel helpless. However, giving your children the time needed to develop is essential. These delays could take place due to several factors such as birth trauma, premature birth, chronic infections, genetic conditions such as Down syndrome, psychosocial trauma, metabolic disorders, etc. While some causes may be known at the time of birth, others are often diagnosed as a child reaches the average age for each milestone.

How to Help Your Child Through Bedwetting and Developmental Delay?

As parents or caregivers, it is essential to give your child the time needed for their body to develop, irrespective of how delayed their development is. At an age where everything is overwhelming to them, it is vital that parents or caregivers work together with their child to develop the areas that witness delay. Taking small steps every day will contribute to the progress seen in the child in terms of developing motor skills and other milestones.

Approaching a bedwetting specialist to help your child can also give you a better insight into the condition. At Happy Dry Nights, we have our inhouse paediatrician who can help children with developmental delays and their parents to learn more about dealing positively with the condition and learning to gain control over their faculties.

As professionals who have helped several families through their ordeals, we understand the impact of bedwetting and developmental delay on children and their families. With patience and practice, these delays can be dealt without negatively impacting the child and their families.

To help get a better understanding of your child’s developmental delay and its impact on your child’s bedwetting habits, you can book an appointment with us and meet with our specialist.