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Bedwetting Products

A lot of parents fret about being the only ones when their child starts bedwetting, or continues to do so even above the age of 7. However, About 18.9% of children between the ages of 5 and 12 wet their bed every month. For many parents, this could be a trying time. As caregivers, it is crucial to understand that you are not alone.

Bedwetting in children can occur due to several reasons. Being understanding of the child’s emotional, physical, and mental state is essential when they go through a bed wetting phase or find it difficult to control their bladder movements. The most important thing to do when your child wets the bed is help them understand that it is a common phenomenon and is not their fault. While you seek professional help for your child’s bed wetting, be sure to observe what stresses your child and take note of their daily schedule to help identify if any of those factors could be a catalyst. When visiting a bed-wetting specialist, these observations can be of great help, especially if your child has suddenly begun wetting the bed after months or years of staying dry.

When visiting our bed wetting specialist, you will be recommended a program that uses certain products to curb bedwetting. Further, bed wetting products in the form of bed wetting alarm mats are also highly recommended by specialists and paediatricians across Australia.

Bedwetting Products in Australia Recommended by Experts

The bedwetting alarm and pad was invented decades ago with the aim to signal to the user and their caregivers of the presence of moisture when the wetting occurred. Over the years, this product went through numerous changes that made it more effective.

The bed wetting alarm mat used today is both comfortable and effective, and is placed under the child while they sleep. A bed wetting sensor alarm is connected to the pad which rings at the first sign of moisture. These pads come with mesh cases that make it comfortable to lie on, It also absorbs perspiration without mistaking it for bedwetting. The mesh cases can be replaced with each other when the child wets the bed and are easy to wash and maintain.

While there are other necessary requirements such as consulting a bedwetting specialist in treating bed wetting in children, the bed wetting pad and alarm in Australia is equally vital in treating bedwetting effectively.

At Happy Dry Nights, we help children and parents in their journey to drier nights by providing initial consultations as well as effective bed wetting products in Australia. Our bed wetting products are safe to use and comfortable for the child. We also provide a dedicated program assistant throughout the program along with access to our specialised paediatrician.

If you notice your child wetting the bed and are looking for a solution that is safe and effective, you can connect with us to book an appointment.