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Meet Dr.Raj Khillan

Dr Raj Khillan has over 20 years experience in paediatrics and its subspecialities. He is an expert in his field with passion and dedication and below you can read why he recommends Happy Dry Nights, along with his extensive profile

Hello my name is Dr Raj Khillan, and I am excited to be able to take part in Happy Dry Nights and assist you, your child and your family on the journey to dry nights, enabling a happier child, a happier family and confidence from succeeding in this program!

Why I recommend the Happy Dry Nights Program  (bed pad and alarm program):

  1. It is the first step in treatment of bedwetting
  2. It is most useful and successful of all treatment options
  3. Research has shown the bed pad and alarm alone for children has an 80% success rate for dryness
  4. Children using the bed pad and alarm program are less likely to relapse
  5. It is suitable to most ages and is easy to use
Dr. Raj Khillan

What are my Qualifications:


What languages do I speak:

English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic

What are my speciality interests:

  1. 1. Bedwetting
  2. 2. Continence problems-Constipation & Enuresis
  3. 3. Behavioural and Sleep issues
  4. 4. Autism
  5. 5. Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD assessments and treatment
  6. 6. Growth & development issues
  1. 7. Eczema and other allergies
  2. 8. Acute paediatrics
  3. 9. Neonatology
  4. 10. Tongue Tie & Lip Tie snipping
  5. 11. Unsettled Babies
  6. 12. General Child and adolescent health